Faculty of Information Science

Faculty of Information Science


An essential role of our faculty is to systematically educate and train the students of high calibre to become software engineers, designers and developers with the ability to solve complex problems. The faculty offers a wide range of academic disciplines of Bachelor’s degree with the established professional academic staff and well-equipped modern facilities.


Faculty of Information Science, University of Computer Studies, Pyay is a bearer of university education in the fields of Software Engineering, Database Management System, Management Information System, Data Mining, System Analysis and Design, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and Programming Logic. The faculty creates conditions favoring the increase in the level of education and knowledge via teaching and quality technical background that provide the possibilities for both professional and personal development of all students.


  • To provide a curriculum that prepares professionals responsive to the field
  • To enrich the curriculum through partnerships with other departments and university entities.
  • To provide internships and other connections with the local community and beyond.
  • To conduct an ongoing systematic review and evaluation of the program.
  • ➢  Database Management System
  • ➢  Software Engineering
  • ➢  Information Security and IT Risk Management
  • ➢  Unified Modeling Language
  • ➢  Management Information System
  • ➢  Data Mining
  • ➢  Web Engineering
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