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Computer University (Pyay) is government funded university located in Pyay, Bago Region with an emphasis is on computer engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Founded in 2004 as a Government Computer College(GCC) and during the first year of GCC only computer application trainings were offered. Starting from 2005, undergraduate student admissions have begun. In 2007, Government Computer College(Pyay) became a university named Computer University (Pyay). The campus has an area of 17.68 acres and lies to the south of 081/2 milestone on the highway from Pyay to Aunglan.

Our University has


Our vision is to provide human resources and enhance the development of the country.


Our mission is to give a higher standard education and better education service for the students.


Our objective is to become a university where new IT products and experiments are borned.

⚝  Wisdom Thiri Chettara  ⚝

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