Faculty of Computer Systems and Technologies

Faculty of Computer System and Technologies


  • The Faculty of Computer System and Technology will have a transformative impact on computer technology through continual innovation in research, creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • Producing the technicians that are recognized by international countries and being a university that is conducting the standard quality of research compared with others.


  • Promoting high quality teaching based on ethical professional and principled approaches.
  • Nurturing students to be future technicians.
  • Conducting state of the art research which can be applied for the benefit of industrial development.
  • UCS (Pyay) is a national university where students are able to be the leaders of technology and catch up with international societies.


  • To develop technical innovation and provide students to be qualified technicians.
  • Not only to improve education but also to guide live developing ways for students.
  • To nurture graduates with ethical standards and problem-solving skills.

  • ➢ Digital Fundamental
  • ➢ Computer Organization
  • ➢ Data and Computer Communications
  • ➢ Electronic I
  • ➢ Linear Control Systems
  • ➢ Engineering Circuit II
  • ➢ Introduction to Microcontroller
  • ➢ Computer Architecture II
  • ➢ Control System II
  • ➢ Computer Networking II
  • ➢ Advanced Networking
  • ➢ Electrical Circuits I
  • ➢ Microprocessor Architecture and Interfacing
  • ➢ Introduction to Embedded Systems