Department of Physics


It is envisaged that Department of Physics will become one of the highly prestigious departments in University of Computer Studies (Pyay), in teaching and committing to impart quality education both in theoretical as well as experimental physics with founded by vibrant basic concepts to enhance in production of students with highly-qualified specialists and professionals in their respective fields.


To cultivate and train students systematically to become well-qualified and outstanding students who-

  • have understood high conceptual background and knowledge in Physics;
  • can think rationally approach and solve problems systematically;
  • can provide creative thinking for high quality education in Information Technology ( IT).


  • To support the requirements of basic knowledge and skills in physics for students.
  • To motivate a sense of ethical responsibilities among students.
  • To raise the percentage class attendance by escalating their interest in subjects.
  • To minimize the percentage failure in exams by making routine practice tests