Faculty of IT Supporting and Maintenance

Faculty of IT Supporting and Maintenance


The Application Department offers a wide range of academic disciplines of Bachelor’s degree with the established professional academic staff and well-equipped modern facilities. An essential role of our department is to systematically educate and train. The students of high caliber become Web application developers, programmers and accountants with the ability to solve complex problems.



Application Department of ITSM, Computer University (Pyay) is a faculty of university education in the fields of Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5, Business Management, Human-Computer Interaction, Business Application Area, Professional Javascript for Web Developers, C# 5.0, Digital Business and E-commerce Management. This department creates conditions favoring the increase in the level of education and knowledge via web page, window application, web application teaching and quality technical background that provide the possibilities for both professional and personal development of all students.



  • To create static web pages by using HTML language.
  • To understand the HTML, Javascript and C# language.
  • To understand the HCI, provide design and design process.
  • To create dynamic web pages by using Javascript language.
  • To know how to deploy the Marketing  Concept.
  • To create window form application and web application by using C# language.
  • To be a comprehensive guide to all aspects of deploying digital business and e-commerce within an organization.
  • ➢ Supporting Skill (Computer Application Technique + Microsoft Office)
  • ➢ Web Platform-base Development
  • ➢ Web Platform-base Development (HTML+ CSS, Javascript)
  • ➢ Computer Application Techniques III- C#
  • ➢ Business Application Area
  • ➢ Enterprise Resource Planning
  • ➢ Digital Business and E-commerce Management