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Dr. Aye Pa Pa Mya is a Professor at Faculty of Computer Science in University of Computer Studies, Pyay. She passed the Matriculation examination in 1992. She got her first degree, B.Sc(Maths), from Mandalay University in 1998. She also got D.C.Sc and M.I.Sc in 1999 and 2002 respectively. In 2007, she got Ph.D(IT) from University of Computer Studies, Yangon. She worked as a Demonstrator at G.T.C(Taunggyi) in 2002. She was promoted to an Assistant Lecturer there. In 2008, she became a Lecturer at University of Computer Studies, Pyay. She was promoted to Associate Professor at CU(Hinthada) in 2011 and to Professor at CU(Mandalay) in 2017. Then, she was transferred to CU(Maubin). Now, she is working for CU(Pyay).

  1. B.Sc(Maths)
  2. D.C.Sc
  3. M.I.Sc
  4. Ph.D(IT)
  1. Determining the Human Motion Path using the Video Image Seguence

  2. Multimedia based computer aided Learning system for computer memory

  1. Analyzing the Motion of Each Player from Video Stream of the Sport Game, ICCA 2006
  2. Extracting the Mation Pattern of the Players From a Video Stream of the Football Game, SICE-ICASE 2006
  3. Determining the Human Motion Path Using the Video Image Sequence, ICCA 2007
  4. Tracking th Motion Path of a Person From Video Streams for the Overlapping Case, I2MTC 2009

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