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Daw Hnin Acayi



   2nd street, Shwrdagar Quarter(3), Pyay


Hnin Acayi is a tutor at University of Computer Studies, Pyay. In 2010, she graduated from Pyay University. In 2015, she also got her Dip ESP degree from Yangon Technological University(YTU). In 2017, she received her Dip.EFL degree from Yangon University of Foreign Language(YUFL). After graduation from YUFL, she joined the master degree course from Department of English in Pyay University. In 2019, her M.A(English) degree was conferred on her by Pyay University.Getting her first degree, she applied for a job under the Ministry of Science and Technology. She started to work as a tutor at Technological University(Taungoo). One month later, her position was demonstrator. From 2010 to 2016, she served as a demonstrator at Technological University(Taungoo). In 2016, she was transferred to University of Computer Studies, Pyay. Now, she is working as a tutor in University of Computer Studies, Pyay under the Ministry of Education.

  1. B.A(English)
  2. Dip ESP
  3. Dip EFL(YUFL)
  4. M.A(English)
  1. The Task-Based Approach to Writing Skill Development of Second Year Students in University of Computer Studies, Pyay

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