Background History

Background History

Computer University (Pyay) is government funded university located in Pyay, Bago Region with an emphasis is on computer engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Founded in 2004 as a Government Computer College(GCC) and during the first year of GCC only computer application trainings were offered. Starting from 2005, undergraduate student admissions have begun. In 2007, Government Computer College(Pyay) became a university named Computer University (Pyay).


To become an advanced university of computer science and technology that emphasizes teaching and research among the well-known ASEAN universities.


To produce computer and ICT professionals

  • who can participate effectively in building a modern and developed nation,
  • who have learned advanced computer and ICT subjects and are able to think logically and solve the problems systematically,
  • who have the ability and desire to do something for the sake of humanity and environment,
  • who understand civics and professional ethics well


  1. To be able to provide students with complete education system
  2. To promote teachers’ teaching quality and students’ learning environment
  3. To be able to stand as an outstanding university in this region